Swa van Dael

About Swa van Dael

“Deploying brilliant colours and a keen chromatic intensity , with nods to the Surrealist movement , but in a style , that is unmistakably his own , Swa van Dael provides us with his enthusiasms and his view of life in a way that cannot be expressed in words .

” Swa van Dael’s art calls for a gaze that rather than stroking objects dwells upon them and penetrates their very being . A superficial glance would reveal no more than a set of themes with a decorative purpose . An attentive eye will recognise the depth and scale of the artist’s vision . Full of surprises , colours and movement , these compositions come across as conveying a misleading form of lucidity . First and foremost , they conjure up joy , the pleasure of painting combined with the sense of being a carefree , liberated spirit . They also pay tribute to a sense of anguish , unanswered questions , a dreadfully clear vision of our world and our time . An art that grants priority to sensation rather than representation , an art relying on a language that is universally accessible but is to be found in our inner depths . Swa van Dael acts as the spokesperson for our epoch through his art , which is a testament to an inexhaustible imagination with its universal overtones .
Didier Paternoster